Friday, July 8, 2011

Ellie Mae Will Attend the Vashon Island Meet-up

Extremely popular and lovely Iggy Ellie Mae will attend the Saturday Vashon Island Meetup. Jay is glad he had a bath and a manicure now that he hears that this looker will attend. Ellie Mae may meet potential adoptors tomorrow. How could a day get any better than that?

Ellie Mae is a 6 year old who knows basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”. She is smart and learns quickly. She walks when on leash and enjoys exercise. She likes to play with other Iggies and she’ll sure have that opportunity tomorrow.

At last count approximately 35 dogs will attend the Vashon Island Meetup.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Late-breaking Iggy Rescue News

Accidental Strangulation Iggy Doing Well
The Iggy who was "accidentally" strangled and then turned over to Rescue is doing very well. Gillian is now in a Foster home where she is happy and sassy. She is a big hit with her Foster siblings. She poses for pictures!

Olivia’s Leg is Mending

Olivia, sometimes called “Livvy Livewire”, is the life of the pack party as her leg heals. Her cast has been changed but she still bonks her pack siblings on the head. She is a ball of energy and wants to run, but still has to remain quiet. The vet says her leg is healing nicely. Hang on, Olivia!

Upcoming News (the excitement builds):
Blue will be adopted this week!
Duke will be adopted in 2 weeks!

JayJ Gets a Bath and a Report on Foster Bug

JayJ Gets a Bath
In anticipation of the Vashon Island meetup on Saturday, JayJ had a bath today at Auntie Sarah’s. He smells like shampoo and is especially shiny and handsome. As it turns out, Emerson’s and Izzy’s mother Gigi will not be in attendance but we think a reunion between Emerson and Izzy will be something to see. Gigi had particularly well-tempered puppies so they will play nicely together, unlike JayJ and Neville, who are littermates and dislike each other to the point where they have had to be separated. Neville has quite a way with the girls and is always on the pickup while JayJ stands around being handsome. Although they have slightly different calling cards, women iggies flock to them.

Foster Bug
The big news is Foster Iggy Bug who, although he had a boo-boo this week, is home and doing well. Bug visited the Vet earlier this week and has either a muscle strain or bruise. He’s so popular at his foster home, who provided us with the picture below. He’s been at his foster home for almost a year and a half (!). Bug’s Foster Mom says that they have experienced such joy watching Bug, a formerly aloof, confused and grumpy dog “come into his own iggy-dom.” His favorite pastime now is to watch movies with his Foster Dad (see photo above).

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Year in the Life of Italian Greyhound Rescue: The Vashon Island Meetup is Coming Up!

This Saturday we all take the big boat to a fenced backyard on Vashon Island. About 20 iggies, at last count, will run run run, seeing old friends, making new friends, and stealing food from the table. JayJ, an iggy Rescue representative, had a manicure at Northeast Vet today so that he would look as handsome as possible for the upcoming gala. He and Blaze, an iggy who bounds through the dog park with a green cigar in his mouth, are planning their tricks and going over the menu.They will safely ride in crates in the back of a Highlander, plotting and planning and remembering other tables they swiped food from.

The Vashon Island iggies are doing well. Mia wintered in Arizona and we will hear how it is to see the sun in November and if the accommodations are to her liking. Emerson, rescued from a home where he was left outside, has warmed up now that he stays inside on cold days or is tucked into one of his beautiful new coats before the door opens. Blue, a favorite with Rescue, will be formally adopted on Saturday by our Vashon Island hosts.

We don’t know if Bertie will come. He’s a little older and not amused by the bouncy, leaping antics of the younger generation. We hope that Gino will come and that Gino and JayJ don’t get into the political argument that caused so much trouble at Thanksgiving. Emerson’s mother Gigi is coming as is Emerson’s sister, Izzy, who came into Rescue a couple of months ago. Millie and Mouse are coming and introducing us to their foster Romey, who came into Rescue a couple of months ago. Calvin, Tess and Lucy are coming. You know, Lucy was to be fostered in her current *permanent* home, but she took to helping out with Tess, who had a difficult puppyhood, and Lucy became a permanent part of the family.

Stay tuned for news of the meetup!