Monday, August 29, 2011

All Iggy Alert: Vashon Island Meetup on Saturday, October 1

The Briskmans are hosting another Vashon Island Meetup on Saturday, October 1. Iggys, make sure your humans add that to their calendars. Details to follow!
New Meet Up Site at NOAH

Many iggys attended the August Meetup at the NOAH site in Stanwood, hosted by human Arthur Ebert. The offleash dogpark area is exceptional. We’ll certainly be looking forward to more meet ups there.

Blue’s Adoption!

Blue was adopted to the Briskmans on Vashon Island, as planned. He gets along well with his new sister, Mia, and especially his new cousin, Emerson. Blue will summer on Vashon Island and winter in Arizona. He loves his yard and his new humans. Rescue is happy that Blue has settled into such a good Forever Home.

Foster News

Olivia got her cast off last week and attended the big Mag meetup on 8/28.

Romey was adopted by an Arlington family. His new family adores him.

Isabelle is happy in her new adoptive home. She has a fantastic backyard!

Duke was adopted and now lives east of the mountains. He is living with Flicka and Red.

Dixie and Angel, both from Alaska, flew to Seattle last week and have been adopted.

In National News

Zulu, who lives in Colorado, broke a leg, but is doing very well.

Baucelli came all the way from Yakima and has been adopted by Monica and Doug.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Linus & Lusi

Ask either Lusi or Linus how their Forever Home life is and you will hear that they have hit the mother lode. They live in a beautiful home with two lovely sphinx cats who remind them a bit of themselves.

They both had original human families whose schedules had changed to the point where there was not enough time for the best care of an italian greyhound. As sad as each home was to turn their Ig over to Rescue, they thought about what was best for the Iggy and called Rescue.

Lusi, an extremely beautiful white Italian Greyhound, arrived in her Forever Home first and although the food was great and she was doing well, she seemed sad at times. When Linus arrived several months later, Lusi perked right up and taught him the ropes.

Linus is a funny little guy who causes a bit of trouble every once in awhile. He was sentenced to a belly band for some of this trouble, but he doesn’t mind because everything else is going so great. He tends to dive off of the back of the couch when the cats have finished their meals and licks clean the bowls. He knows whatever is left in a bowl will be delicious and nutritious because his human father makes pet food from scratch.

Both Lusi and Linus are very well-dressed. Their human mother designs and sews italian greyhound coats that are, by the way, available for purchase. Linus models one of the coats below. What a handsome guy! And what a great coat!