Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just adopted: Apollo

Apollo was just adopted by lucky human Jan W.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Important: Name Change from Marley to Marilinda

Please note that Foster Marley has gone through a name change. The Espey pack now calls her “Marilinda” (formal name) or "Mari" for short. She has also gone through a bit of a personality change from reticent to standing her own ground. We think that perhaps Letta and Foster Olivia have something to do with that.


The Italian Greyhound Rescue van picked up Angel today. JayJ was on hand as Iggy ambassador, calming down little Angel and showing her where the best spots were for doing her business. She is with Heather, Iggy Ellie May, Iggy Ruthie and their certified service dog, an Akida, as a Foster now. Heather had made chicken during the day and had saved the broth and some chicken bits which would be used as a topper for kibble for dinner tonight. Yum!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Alice Espey Pack (Letta, Maddie and Fosters Olivia and Marley)

This Pack can be seen out on walks and at meetups.

Permanent Ig Letta is doing a little better. She lost her good friend Bertie a month ago and has been sad and is not particularly impressed with the Fosters.

Permanent Ig Maddie says hello and wants you to know that she would like to escape from wherever you put her.

Foster Olivia now has her cast off. She jumps around on 3 legs at times because the broken leg simply became a ghost to her. Rambunctious, she has learned how to express her love calmly but always looks a little like a pressure cooker. There is nothing that she wants more to do than to hug you and lick your face.

New Foster Marley is a beautiful red fawn girl who was taught to dance. Marley can also shake hands. Marley learned both of these skills in her earlier home. She is a little hand shy so Alice works with her on that.

MARLEY relaxing