Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Tails: Adoptions

Angel was adopted by Sabrina and joins Weej in forever home happiness.

Gio was adopted by Kim and Becky. He joins Tara. He's already lost about half a pound from all the walks and fun he's been having!

Trinity, now Gracie, was adopted by Tovi. She loves being an only dog and gets lots of love and attention. She's got great potty habits and is very smart. She's learned to ring the bell to let her new mom know she needs to go outside.

Olivia was adopted by Derick and Tessa. They practically live at Mud Bay these days and can't believe how lucky they are to have found this wonderful little girl. They've renamed her "Olive". This is a photo of Olive when she first came into rescue with her broken leg. She's all healed up and loves to run, run, run all the time.

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